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Are Chilly Showers Making You Mad? Heat Up Your Water Heater Not Your Temper

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If you are having a hard time getting hot water out of the faucet you'll want to call a hot water tank repair professional. There are many appliance experts that can do the repairs quickly, so you can take a hot shower in no time. If the tank isn't even 5 years old, it should have some life left in it.

Here are a few of the things that you should ask the appliance repair professional to do before you replace the unit.

Flush It and Clean Pilot Chamber

Having a water tank flushed is going to clean out all of the mineral buildup, grime and debris that is clogging the tank. These issues make it hard for the machine to heat the water properly, and the debris is taking up room in the tank. These repairs don't just help with heating problems, but it's also going to improve the water quality as well. The pilot chamber can fill with dust and be dirty, making it hard for the flame to function, and should be cleaned also. This could alter the function of the heating system.

Tune-Up the Components

If the sensors and plugs are dirty or damaged, or the components are coated with dust, it can be hard for the sensors to detect if the water is hot or to read the temperature properly. The professional can use an air compressor to blow everything clean. Getting a tune-up performed will help to make sure all of the mechanical components are working properly.

Check the Gas Lines

If there are issues with the gas lines, then the pilot may flicker and have problems. Have the appliance expert clean the piping and check for leaks, and check the valves to make sure everything is flowing as it should be. This is also going to be a safety check, to help ensure that you aren't at the risk of an explosion.

If the appliance repair professional thinks that you need to replace the unit because there are problems that are costly or impossible to fix, talk with them about getting a new energy efficient model. A tankless hot water heater may even be the right choice for you. Determine if the cost of the parts and labor is worth the expense, or if you should consider updating to a newer water heater. The newer heater may be the best investment for your home. To learn more, speak with someone about appliance repair in langley.