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Natural Methods For Cleaning Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets have a way of becoming especially filthy because of the grease and extra humidity that comes from nearby cooking food. Homeowners who want to use natural cleaning products to keep their cabinets clean must use products and methods that are tough enough to cut through the grease. The following tips will help you keep your kitchen cabinets looking their best with natural products found around the house. 

Wipe Down Cabinets Regularly

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the front of your kitchen cabinets on regular basis. For best results, do this daily or every other day. This will prevent the buildup of greasy dust from becoming unmanageable. When cleaning the front of the cabinet doors, open the doors and clean around the cabinet opening. 

The top of your cabinets will become very dirty, as will the bottom of any cabinets found directly over the stove. Try to clean the tops (and bottoms) of the cabinets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, just to keep the dust at a minimum. 

Wipe Off Ceiling Fan Blades on a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Basis

Ceiling fans throw a lot of dust around, and that dust will stick to your cabinets. Keeping your ceiling fan blades clean will help keep the cabinets clean, making your job easier over time. Wipe down the ceiling fans in the kitchen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, as you notice the dust building up on the blades. 

Clean the Cabinets with Vinegar and Olive Oil

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that is used to cut through dirt and grease on a variety of surfaces. Olive oil, meanwhile, conditions wood and leaves surfaces looking shiny. This combination of natural products makes a perfect cleaning agent for killing germs and conditioning your cabinets. To use these cleaning products, fill a bucket with hot water. Pour in some white vinegar and a few drops of olive oil. Mix the solution with a wooden spoon, then dampen a cloth with the solution and wipe down the cabinets. Do this regularly--once every week or two--to keep your wooden cabinets looking their best. Wipe away any remaining moisture after cleaning the cabinets, to prevent the cabinets from becoming water damaged. 

With the right cleaning methods and the right combination of products, you can keep your kitchen cabinets looking their best using products found around the house. Following these green cleaning tips, you can keep your kitchen cabinets in good condition for many years. 

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